16 March 2007

crafting under the influence

I realize now that I forgot to mention in yesterday's post how after I finished the sew-as-you-go softie (which at the end of the day is supposed to be a deer), I realized that in this spontaneous little project, you can clearly see some of my influences - a reflection of the work of the people I respect and admire as artists and artisans. It's interesting to see how the art that you love eventually comes to inform your own. Some of those people whose work I adore and am influenced by are:

Takashi Murakami - I love the anime-inspired, playful quality of his work, and those huge cartoonish eyes and the crazy lashes on the deer are clearly inspired by his drawings & prints, although I was not conscious of it at all at the time.

Yoshitomo Nara - Another Japanese artist whose work I love - playful and cute yet slightly dark - I didn't even realize his influence (despite having postcards of his work all over my studio space) until I did a search just now and came up with this image. It's in the ears.

Jess Hutch
- I first heard of Jess when she printed her fabulous little book of knit toys patterns, Unusual Toys For You To Knit and Enjoy. Since then, I have been a huge fan of her work. I feel that in its proportions, with a larger head than body, this toy bears the mark of her influence.

Dawn of LookWhatICanDo - I was afraid of using plastic safety eyes until I saw Dawn's work. She has taught me that not only are they okay to use, but you can do some pretty cool things with them in order to give your softies character. And her softies have such personality!

There are many more artists and crafters who inspire me every day, but I'll get to those as I get to those. Happy Friday folks!


knittingphilistine said...

Oh! Is that a sweet Soto bunny?? Looks awesome. Why do I want to buy everything you make?? And I heart Dawn's softies... I've started a little collection of hers, too.

Anonymous said...

I really like the bigger head than body - it really bumps up the cuteness in an anime way.

But its the eyelashes that really get me :)

domesticat said...

oh no! i love that bunny!! is that a bunny? i love the eyes too. bunny!

diana said...

I'm really behind on commenting this week and there's so much good stuff on the blog. Love it all!

Christy said...

I am so loving little scrap happy. It's alway cool to look at your influences. I've definitely had situation where I've looked back on a painting and thought wow...that's where I got that part from.

Ashley said...

Who knew that my little deer would have such highfalutin' influences? Murakami indeed--I guess I'll have to buy a YSL bag to tote him around.

Dana said...

You Rock!