24 March 2007

hooray for the little things - safety dance in the springtime

I got my shipment of safety eyes yesterday (super-fast!), which means no more cat eyes on bunnies or squirrels. It's round pupils for everyone! I love how they look in the sunlight, too.

I started cutting the fabric for a Big Footed Bunny for the nephew. I hope to have that finished soon.

Speaking of cutting fabric, I have to do so for my next mantis at some point today. However, I don't feel much like working. I know I should; I have a pile of "soto softie" bunny parts next to the machine that need to be sewn together and a pile of squirrels as well. Everything is so close to completion, if only I could get myself to focus today. Not that I'm complaining by any means as this is a much welcome distraction. This is a dangerous time of season for me because all I want to do is play. It is so gorgeous out today, and my heart is outdoors. It's lovely to read outdoors or knit outdoors, but I don't think I can take the sewing machine out onto the deck. I've gone out with Mali twice - once for a walk, and once to play fetch in the backyard. I wasn't going to go to the post office this morning because I prefer to ship on Mondays (just because I know that mail usually doesn't move too far on Saturdays), but the thought of the walk was enticing enough to get me to package up my orders and go. It did not disappoint. It is so wonderfully sunny out, and all the birds are out in full force. There's a rowdy group of Blue Jays just going bananas over here. I even took LG into the backyard for about half an hour (on his kitty harness, of course), and he was mesmerized by the Blue Jays and the rest of the assortment of merry-making birdies. He was so absolutely enthralled by all the smells and sounds around him; it was great to watch his reactions. And he was really good about actually walking with me on the harness, which anyone who has tried to walk a cat on a harness knows is highly unusual for the first attempt. In fact, very few cats take to walking with a harness. JJ won't walk at all, and Anaïs freaks out if we even put the harness on her.

I have all the windows open and a funny black cat looking at me imploringly as I sit here now. All I can smell is Spring, and I want to go out again. I think I'll work for an hour then take LG out again. Yep, that's my plan....


Ashley said...

It was like that today here too--way too gorgeous to be indoors.

Re: the sofite eyes, I have to say that one of my fave things about Murk is that he has the narrow pupils instead of round ones. It's what makes him, in my opinion, a crazy-ass deergoat instead of just a deer.

Gypsy Purple said...

What a lovely blog and such lovely things you are making...glad I came to visit!!!