11 March 2007

i loathe doing laundry, but i love washing new fabric

Go figure, huh? Matt and I went to the city this weekend (how long before I stop referring to NYC as "the city?"), and we had such a great time. Normally, going back "home" to visit makes me uneasy, but this time, it was really enjoyable. We celebrated my mother's birthday, albeit belatedly. She was so surprised when we walked in with a cake for her. I got to spend time with my beloved nephew, who is now toddling and talking - too cute!

Thursday, Carolyn hosted a wonderful dinner at her place where I was able to catch up with my old stitch-n-bitchers. To say it was hilarious would actually be an understatement. I laughed so hard, I choked. Then Friday, I bopped around the city with Jolie and Beth. I bought some fabulous new fabrics at Purl Patchwork.

Oh the joy! Seriously, these prints make my heart sing. Recognize this one?

It's the same fabric whose praises were recently sung by Sally from Shim + Sons. My interest in this Alexander Henry print was piqued when I first saw it on her blog, but seeing it in person, I decided that I had to have some. Joelle from Purl described it as a "manly rainbow." I then dubbed it "the man-bow" print. I originally thought I would use it for softies, then thought perhaps I would use it to line the tote bag I have been meaning to make (inspired by Sally's use of the fabric). Seeing it juxtaposed with the blue of my bedroom walls, I think it might actually make for a great set of curtains.

I'm not sure what I will eventually use it for, but I'm sure I'll figure that out soon enough. Meanwhile, I am feeling the Alexander Henry love.


Ashley said...

I love the "manly rainbow" but not as much as I love our MATCHING ORANGE FLORAL! Seriously, I love that we went in there on Friday and Saturday and came out with the same fabric.

Anonymous said...

As a cranky I hate March curmudgeon...I am filled with irrational happiness looking at those prints! Argh. We need better fabric resources in Halifax. I can't believe that we don't, given the diy/craftiness of the city.

Wow, cute nephew :)

domesticat said...

i was at purl patchwork when in nyc last month and nearly bought fabric, but was too overwhelmed with the selection. and not being a sewer, i didn't have anything in mind. it was just a purely tactile, gotta-have-it urge. there was this awesome amy butler fabric in a japanese print - purple with pink sakura blossoms. i wish i had gotten that even i didn't know what to do with it. ah.

diana said...

Love the new fabrics. And, the nephew is truly the sweetest thing!