28 March 2007

new bunnies, new folks, new books

Two new bunnies are done, and a few more are on the way. These will be up tomorrow on my etsy shop. I haven't named them yet, but I'll think of something. The one with the "man-bow" print looks like it's wearing a little "lucha-libre" mask, which was totally unintentional. However, now that I've noticed that, every time I look at it, I end up laughing to myself and thinking of "Nacho Libre."

Earlier today, I met with Abby from While She Naps and saw her wonderful exhibit at the Wellesley Public Library. Her creations are even more fantastic in person. (That Humpty Dumpty softie is just amazing!) Abby is great. Her "Bird with Gold Wings" is one of the five finalists for the Animal category in the Softie Awards.

This is my second day in a row of meeting up with other craft-bloggers/knit-bloggers, and I am really enjoying getting out there and meeting others within this community - seeing the faces behind the creations, hearing the actual voices, and talking about ideas, inspiration, anything. It is pretty darn cool.

After meeting with Abby, Matt and I drove to Porter Square Books where I finally picked up my copy of Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing. I have seen enough lovely projects from the book floating around in blog-land to finally seal the deal for me. I already have a cue of the projects I want to make from this, starting with the garden tote. The patterns in the book literally live up to the title; everything is super-simple, straightforward, basic design with absolutely no frills or fluffy-stuff. It's all clean and modern. It's also highly practical design, I think. I'm looking forward to getting started on the garden tote. It is, dare I say, exciting! ;P


.:soplador:. said...

que muñecos mas lindos haces, son preciosos, con esa carita tan tierna, me encantaron!!!!!

Sonya said...

Enough already. I guess I will have to buy the book and I only go through the motions as far as the sewing machine is concerned.

kris said...

love nacho's mask! so cute!

i ordered the lotta jansdotter book yesterday. very excited about it!

Ashley said...

These little guys me encantaron too! And thanks for the book review. That one's been on my list to buy, so of course your review puts me over the edge (since you KNOW I have to copy everything you do :)) Hmm, garden tote as a Mother's Day present?