06 March 2007

the soft(y) parade

Why hallo there! It has been a flurry of softies here the last few days. I am happy to say that although I will not meet my self-imposed deadline for posting these on etsy (which was *coughcoughtodaycough*), I have made good progress and will definitely have these all finished by tonight. They will be available through my shop once I return from a quick trip to NYC. I figure it would be best to post them when I would be available to ship them out immediately should they sell right away. Right now, there are some awaiting parts, like ears and tails and wings:

There are some awaiting faces and limbs:

I have so much fun working on these little critters. I am hoping to get a bunch more cut and started tonight, in addition to finishing up these guys.


Ashley said...

Adorable. Is your etsy store address staying the same? My mom's best friend fell in love with Fiddly and wants to buy a bunch for her grandkids. Yay!

RachelDenbow said...

What do you use for filling? How do you get the lumps out? These are sooo cute.

maritza said...

Thanks guys!

rachel - I use regular ol' polyfill. I stuff a little bit at a time otherwise it gets lumpy. I also use the flat end of a pencil to help me get the stuffing into the hard to reach places and to better situate it in the softy body.

nicole said...

These are excellent! I cannot stress this enough! :)

domesticat said...

i love those! i want to buy one for my friends' new baby boy. have you or would you do a big squirrel softie?