13 March 2007

you make me wanna pick up a guitar (and celebrate the myriad ways that i love you)

I've said it before, and I will say it again: I adore Matt! Just when I think I couldn't possibly get any luckier, he goes and does something that makes me fall even more head over heels. Recently, a friend of his who has a studio in the South End offered him use of the studio while he goes to Germany. The time he will be away happens to coincide with the Open Studio Weekend in May (May 19-20), and he is urging Matt to take him up on his offer since it will give Matt a chance to showcase his work here and meet other artists in the area. Matt, of course, agreed to take him up on his offer but asked if I could use the space as well. His friend was super-enthusiastic about it, even offering us use of his three sewing machines, which I have yet to check out. I cannot even begin to tell you how super-excited I am about this. I am incredibly grateful to his friend and so looking forward to doing this joint venture with my husband. I am just besides myself with giddiness. I have so many ideas already and have been bouncing them around with Matt. I'll have more to share on this as we develop where we're going and what we're doing.

The sprinkles on this sundae of joy? Not only does Matt give me this great news, but last week, when I was in a most foul mood (after running around all day doing errands and meeting frustration at every corner just about), I get home to find this waiting for me:

Yes, it's just a little two-serving café press, but the reason this little café press makes me so happy is because we have a running dispute here over coffee. More specifically, the dispute is over who gets the coffee. I make a pot in the morning, and it disappears before I can even refill my cup. I can't stand the thought of bothering to make just one cup. I just walk up to Matt, ask him what happened to the coffee as though that would make more coffee magically appear, then walk away lamenting the loss of our last café press. We've gone through two actually, and both met the same fate in bits and pieces, sadly. Now, the problem is solved because I can just make a pot of coffee for him and make my own separately in this adorable little press. Thank you so much Boo!

And because every good café press deserves a good cozy:

I was inspired by this cozy I saw at little birds some time ago and julie ree's wonderful sewing machine cover. This little project was actually full of little lessons for me. It's the first time I have ever quilted in anything but straight lines - freehand quilting, I guess you could say:

It's also the first time I have ever sewn on a binding:

I used this excellent tutorial I found at the purl bee (granted they're talking about napkins, but the rules still apply, and their directions are so clear - it's great). My binding here is not perfect, but it's not too shabby for my first-time ever. My biggest problem was ironing my binding. I used the bias tape maker by Clover, and I really need to learn to use it properly. I guess this might be a case where practice make perfect. As I was pulling the tape maker along my strip of fabric, funny stuff was happening, and not funny-ha-ha but funny-ew. There were little wavering, uneven edges. When I sewed on the binding, there were two points where despite sewing in a straight line, I did not pick up the binding on the other side. I was able to fix these boo-boos by hand, though, and it looks pretty decent on the outside. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Now I have coffee AND a neat little cozy to keep it warm.


jojo* said...

Awww. What a sweet hubby! And I love that cozy. Gorgeous curvy stitching.

DianeS said...

My press has solved many arguments. You see, I like to have a cup or so of those cool flavored coffees now and then and DH says that they contaminate the coffee pot. Love the coffee cozy...it looks ever so much better than a dish towel!

lesleyanne said...

hi maritza! what beautiful things you make! i am so happy to finally visit your blog. i think i will add it to my sidebar! oh joy.
i love all the fabric you use. so lovely.
and it was so nice to see you last week at the cafe! i hope we can meet again soon. happy selling!

Emily said...

That is beautiful!

cristina said...

i LOVE the cozy...it's a perfect combination to a very sweet gift. ooh and p.s. - i adore that song:)

Anonymous said...

Love the stitching AND the cozy. When I get my act together to think about embarking on quilting (can you tell I'm so not there yet?), first project - COFFEE COZY!

kris said...

fabulous cosy! love the freehand quilting! i have just started taking sewing classes so i hope to be able to do something similar myself one day ...