10 April 2007

anima cogitat

Matt is having an exhibition in Brooklyn, starting in a few days, info as follows:

"I'll be making video and paint in the windows of Grace Exhibition Space in Bushwick from April 13 - April 27th. The piece will evolve over the duration, and can be viewed at any time from Broadway. There will be live events at 8pm on Friday the 13th, 20th and 27th with a reception inside Grace Space on the 27th.

Grace Exhibition Space is at 840 Broadway, 2nd floor, Bushwick. JMZ train to Flushing Ave. More info at: www.gracespace.multiply.com

See you there!"

If you're in the area, please feel free to check it out.

1 comment:

sarah said...

Sounds really cool. Too bad I'm 8 million miles away!