22 April 2007

i think, therefore i blog (?)

Yesterday, the lovely Sarah of Small Fox in a Big World tagged me with this award:

Thanks Sarah! You are too kind. The original source of this meme is here. Now I have to select five blogs that make me think, which is much harder to do than I could have imagined. There are so many blogs that make me think, about so many things. That's not just limited to crafting and knitting blogs either. There are blogs that make me think about life, food, fashion, politics, pop culture, writing. It's hard to narrow it down, but here is my list of five blogs that have made me think about stuff that is important to me in the last week or so:

1) Abby of While She Naps: I love Abby's creations, and her work is incredibly inspiring. This specific post made me think a lot about art vs. craft, where her softies fit in, where mine fit in, the differences between making art and crafting, and the definitions and nuances of each. I really appreciate that she introduced the subject because it was something that I had not thought about in a while.

2) Stephanie of Little Birds: Her photography is amazing, and her crafting is awe-inspiring (as well as so inspired). But one of the main reasons I adore her blog so is her sensitive, attuned, and insightful writing. I love that she is so honest and that her tone is so familiar. She makes me think about life, the act of crafting, and how it all fits in. This recent post in particular really struck me and made me think about why I sell my work and whether or not that affects how I feel about the physical act of producing it.

3) grumperina: Her attention to detail is incredible, and it motivates me to pay more attention to the little things. Recently, she made me laugh and break out my Denyse Schmidt book to figure out why there was an inconsistency between a chart on one page and a diagram for the same project on another, which is something that I am almost ashamed to say I never noticed when I first got the book. Her enthusiasm, curiosity, and perseverance are definitely contagious. You can catch some for yourself over here.

4) knitting iris: She makes me think about a lot of things - living in a more eco-friendly fashion, traveling, color, dyeing, and natural dyes. She makes me want to experiment with dyeing so badly.

5) Julie of FrickKnits: Besides the fact that she is an excellent writer, I love that she is very open about her thoughts and opinions about everything. I don't comment on her blog very often, but I always think about her post subjects and have some sort of response. Most recently, I've been questioning what my own reasons are for wanting to have a son instead of a daughter when I would definitely call myself a feminist, too. (The answer being that girls are much crueler to one another than boys are, and I would rather my child not endure any of the torture I experienced growing up.)

So that's my list. If any of these folks are reading this (which I doubt, but what the hey, why not throw it out there), consider yourselves tagged if you would like. Off to work for me now. I have a tutorial coming tomorrow in response to the seedless grape's questions from my previous post, so please drop by tomorrow for that.


Ashley said...

That JulieFrick: for reals, I never read her without thinking. There's plently of blogs where you can just skim the words and look at the pictures, but I want to absorb every semi-colon that woman puts on the screen.

And amen to Grumperina too: she makes me be a better (more careful, thoughtful & attentive-to-detail) crafter.

grumperina said...

Oh shush, girl! You make me blush. I'm glad my obsessive compulsions have a place in this world. I'll play the tagging game sometime soon... See you in a bit :).

Sarah said...

You expressed your choices so much more eloquently than I did mine. I love the way you write. And in regards to the post that seems to have disappeared intitled, "woah!" I virtually stomped on that person's face for you. Because they are stupid.


PS: Your comments are set to not allow you to post unless you sign in. So I did, but this email isn't current.

Old School Acres said...

Good list!!

JulieFrick said...

Ah, Maritza! I am not worthy! Off to play tag. What fun!