23 April 2007

in case you needed any more proof

the second mantis - standing

Yes, I am completely insane. Last night, at around 8:30, my father-in-law, who I absolutely adore, came upstairs to pick out a couple of softies to present to two of his students as prizes for some game/competition he would be holding in his class. He wanted Manny, but I told him Manny is not for sale. I felt bad saying no to him and told him I would make him another. He was so excited about it, that I was glad I agreed to do it. However, I questioned my sanity when I realized that I committed to have this done by the morning. Lucky for me, I wrote a wrote a good clear pattern when I made Manny, but it was still pushing it.

the second mantis

So this is it - the second mantis. The ones I am working on for the open studio are very different, but I'll talk about those later. In the meanwhile, I hope that the student who wins this loves it a bunch. I feel a little whacked from lack of sleep, so I'm going to go curl up and drool somewhere, maybe under my worktable. I'll talk about quilting tomorrow. (I'm sorry; I swear I am not normally this flaky, I think.)

the second mantis - outdoors

Side note: Can I tell you how beautiful it was out this morning? It's still gorgeous out, but watching the sun rise while trying to photograph this thingy on the porch made it worth staying up all night. The flowers in the beds are all finally coming up, and I am super-happy about the tulips that are now beginning to bloom. I'll post photos on my Flickr later.


Ashley said...

OMG--is that a full-size ironing board? I had no idea that Manny was so huge! Well, Manny 2. Heroic job.

grumperina said...

Like Ashley, I had no idea that Manny was so huge! The student who receives him - lucky!!!

kristin said...

you are one softie making machine! and my hero! so sweet to stay up half the night...you will make one child verrrry happy with this!!

seedless grape said...

Wow, what a lucky student! Whoever the winner is should thank their lucky stars if they win Manny.

And I also had no idea Manny was so big! I agree with Ashley--what a heroic job!

sulu-design said...

Ditto on the size comments... who knew Manny was so big? I'm now twice as impressed.