28 April 2007

more swapping-goodness to share

Yesterday, I got this bit of lovely stuff in the mail:

yarn pirate goodies

It's some fabulous Yarn Pirate yarn in a beautiful colorway called "Mermaid." Here, have a closer look:

yarn pirate goodies - mermaid closeup

That's what I get for sending Georgia a get-well-ducky. Thanks Georgia - I love it! And the card is beautiful, too. Not to mention the new business cards, which I am really digging. Nice design!

Speaking of swaps, I have finished my doll quilts, but I will post about that tomorrow, once I figure out which is going where on Monday morning. And if I owe you a letter for the Knitterly Letter Swap, I apologize profusely for my tardy response. I am mailing out your letters on Monday. Once again, I am so sorry. I think I bit off more than I was able to chew this month, but it is all getting done, just at a little slower pace than I would have liked.

Meanwhile, look at what else arrived in the mail:

MOO CARDS!!!! Wanna swap? Email me and let me know (cynicthelamb[at]gmail[dot]com). Also, if you have given me Moo Cards, and I wasn't able to reciprocate at the time, I would love to do so now.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Ashley said...

Woo! Moo swap! I'm in. Do you still have my addy? I think I've got yours written down somewhere--I'll double-check.

The yarn is gorgeous--I've heard such great things about YArn Pirate!

Greeley said...

Teal-o-phile says: pretty, pretty! All my favorite colors.

knittingphilistine said...

Oh, YUM! Mermaid is deelish (perhaps some sock knitting in your near future, hmmmmm??). And I don't have MOO cards to swap, but if/when I do, I'll come-a-callin'!