04 April 2007

squirreled away

The latest batch of squirrels will be up on my etsy shop in just a few moments.

I am squirreled away today, quietly resenting this weather (snow?! fo' reals, yo), hoping for my throat and chest to feel better soon, wishing for sunny days so I can properly photograph and share some of the things I have been working on and some lovely items from other people who I have recently swapped with, not to mention so that I can go out and play.

These two bunnies are by Dawn of LookWhatICanDo, who wrote the most hysterical recap of the Softie Awards "festivities." They want to go out and play too. ***le sigh***

Hope you're all staying toasty and warm tonight.


Ashley said...

Same weather, same throat/chest crud here. Hope you're warm, cozy, and feeling better soon!

Sonya said...

Spring roller coaster weather is not good. I saw your squirrels on flickr and love what you are doing with the prints.