15 May 2007

4 days - meet mergie


Mergie is short for Mergatroid, as in "Heavens to Mergatroid!" Any resemblance to Snagglepuss is completely unintentional, however. He is one of the collaborative projects that Matt and I have worked on for the open studio. Matt designed Mergie and a couple of smaller counterparts that I am working on now. I am kinda laughing to myself over how zooted this guy looks, like he's up late at night watching infomercials and digging the Zamfir commercials way too much for his own good - again, totally not intentional but just a happy coincidence, I guess....


Diana said...

Mergie is the new master of the panflute!

Ashley said...

I love, love, love Mergie! He looks so relaxed! I have been coming back and looking at him after work, and he has calmed me down with his expression. Good job!

I will be lusting after Mergie and Second Bug for a while.