05 May 2007

eye candy friday (a day late) - fresh from our garden

This is one of the tulips we planted last Fall. I am so excited that most of them actually came up. I'm not sure what kind of tulip it is, but I do know that I had a lot of fun playing with the macro while shooting it. The garden is still a little sparse, but now we know where to plant what come this Fall:

in a row

We do have some lovelies, however, like this Red parrot Tulip here:

red parrot 4

And these (one of which is a not so close-up view of the tulip in the first shot I posted):


purple tulip

red & white bursting


Sonya said...

Flower Riot! Spring is in the house.

seedless grape said...

Those flowers are beautiful! I especially love the orange one--so springy and cheerful.