23 May 2007

from the desk of malachi f. mulligan

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging to bring you an important message from the dog of the house.

Mali - love that nose

Ahem! Testing, testing... Is this thing on? I am hijacking this here bloggity-thing for a moment. The girl won't mind; she's cutting fabric so she's in another world right now. Besides, I can type pretty fast. Yep, not only can I run super-fast, I can type just as speedily. I can get this post up before she even notices I'm on the computer. There is nothing this Sheltie can't do. Ha-HAH! In your face Benji!

Mali - well

Hi! Thank you all for your concern and your well-wishes. I'm feeling much better today, thanks. I don't know what was up with me, maybe just a stomach bug, but oh boy, let me tell you, it was SO not fun. Anyway, I'm feeling like my old self again. I'm playing fetch at the American Academy and admiring this random anonymous art installation there with my boy:

Mali & Matt in front of nesty thing

How Andy Goldsworthy is that? I couldn't play with it because I have to stay away from sticks. The vet said they're not good for me, so I am not allowed to chew on them anymore. Oh well. It's strictly Greenies for me now. The weather is gorgeous, I'm out and about, and I feel great.

Mali - chasing the ball

Hope you're having a wonderful day, too. Thanks for all the pupper-love!

Mali - throw it again

*lots of doggy nose kisses* - Mali


minecreations said...

omg- that is so awesome. i love that your dog is so cultured to know about andy goldsworthy! hehe.

i'm mostly a lurker but an occasional commenter here and i just want to tell you that i think your work is AMAZING! i get your little freak out from last week--i was kind of in the same place and not reading blogs too much as i had metamorphosed into a sewing machine--but i'm so glad to hear the open studios went well. congrats!

Sonya said...

I love doggie nose kisses and am glad that you are as right as rain again. How about a Goldsworthy installation of Greenies. Now that would be something.

kris said...

what a marvellous dog! cute AND computer savvy. way to go!

Steph said...

awww, he is just so gorgeous!
That reminds me, I need to watch 'Rivers&Tides' again, I love watching A.G. work.

Sarah said...

Mali, so good to hear you're ok! I hope you didn't scratch up the computer keys too badly or drool on anything vital. :D

lookwhaticando said...

I am sooooo glad he is feeling better !!! Thank goodness it was nothing serious. xoxo

Greeley said...

Hi Mali, I have Rivers and Tides on dvd! hehe

Ashley said...

Wait, Mali has a full name that's not yours? Bailey Bean O'Sullivan is so pleased to hear that!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet dog. My grandparents always had Shelties - a Lassie, and after her, Lacy.

macati said...

you're very nice!!!
doggie noses to you too and a nice ear scratching too!