06 May 2007

i really love the spring

daffies on mantle

It used to be my favorite season, but it was bumped from that position by Fall for the last few years. Now it's back, as it is amazing that this year, it actually feels like we are having Spring as opposed to jumping straight out of Winter and into Summer. I cut these daffies from our garden earlier today to decorate the mantle. I've been inspired by Jane to bring into our home the loveliness from our garden.

P.S. - Yay for Sunday brunch! I love having our friends over. And look at what Girl Alex brought us - more Black Parrot Tulips! I heart these flowers so much. (And yes, we are total dorks. We make a distinction between the two Alexes - or is it Alexi? - we know. One is Boy Alex and the other is Girl Alex. Our little heads might implode should we meet another Alex. How would we identify them then?)

black parrot tulips from girl-alex


Sonya said...

Those daffodils look so wonderful with the quilt. The perfect foil!

sulu-design said...

The flowers are gorgeous, especially as they are framed by your quilt. And perhaps the next Alex to come into your life will be a transvestite. That would be too serendipitous. :)