03 May 2007

i'm too tired to come up with a clever title, so, ummmmm, yeah, this is about doll quilts.... and a GIVEAWAY!

This is the one I sent my swap-partner, the lovely and talented Susan at joybucket, for the super-fun doll quilt swap over at Losabia's:

doll quilt 2 - finished

This one I decided to keep for myself (mainly because it was too small to meet the swap's requirements, which I only realized after I had finished the binding, and because, well, Matt kinda fell in love with it, too):

doll quilt 1 - finished

And this one could be yours:

doll quilt 3 - finished

But let's make this giveaway a little bit more fun or challenging or interesting (or maybe just silly). This doll quilt consists of 2o squares - there are 18 different fabrics represented there. All of these fabrics are scraps from larger projects, namely softies. Leave me a comment, and the person to match all of the fabrics (or the person who comes closest to that) gets the quilt. In the event of a tie, we'll use a random number generator to decide who wins. The quilt is not perfect, which is why I did not choose this for the swap. Neither was the one I kept for myself. The quilting is a little wonky on both, but they're pretty, I think/I hope. And check out the back on the one I'm giving away here:

doll quilt 3 - back

The game is open to everyone and anyone who wants to play - doll quilt swap participants are welcome to play, too. So please play along if you'd like. I am leaving the contest open until 12 noon on Monday, May 7th, 2007 (because I probably won't be back here until about then anyway). Hope to hear from you guys!

UPDATED: Doh! Actually guys, it's better if you email me your answers at cynicthelamb[at]gmail[dot]com - just use "doll quilt" as your subject header. And remember, we're looking for the project each fabric was used for here. Thanks for playing!