30 June 2007

and now - a public service announcement

Do you want a beautiful, loving cat, or know someone who does?
Her name is Opie (short for Caliopie - also knicknamed Starbuck) and she is a very person friendly young tortoise shell tabby, about 1 to2 years old. Opie has feline leukemia. Leukemia in cats is terminal and communicable to other cats. This means that Opie can't live with other cats for fear of passing the illness on to them. While a cat with leukemia can't be cured, they can live healthy and happy lives for many years and provide companionship and love to their people. Opie hasn't started to get "sick" yet - meaning that the leukemia has not started to affect her yet - and given a good home it may not affect her for quite some time. I know people who have had cats with leukemia who have lived happy and healthy lives for 5 to 7 years or more before their illness set in. While it is a terrible thing to know that your cat will not live the full span of years that all kitties should, it is also a wonderful thing to know that you are
providing a chance for this cat to live out the years that it does have in a happy home, where it can be loved and can love you back.

Opie has been staying with me and my studio mates at our art studio in Brooklyn. She also shares the space with Betty, another cat who came to live with us as a kitten and who is also leukemia positive, and also has not manifested any symptoms of the illness yet. The artists who share the space are in the building every day and have been able to feed, clean up for and provide companionship for the cats. Unfortunately, while Betty has remained happy and healthy since she moved in, Betty does not like sharing the (very large, partitioned) space with Opie, and has bullied Opie to the point that Opie hides constantly in one of the studios and will not leave its confines. It's become harder to care for Opie since Betty won't let her out to roam around the common areas, and it's also become clear that Opie is abjectly miserable in her situation. On the plus side, Opie has gained weight since we brought her in from the street about 1 year ago - she had been a furry skeleton at first, and now looks like a healthy, adorable cat. But it's clear to everyone at the studio that Opie would benefit tremendously from a more stable home where she won't be bullied by other cats, and where she won't feel the need to hide to the point that she is dangerously isolated.

I know that it's difficult to adopt a cat with leukemia, but if you are able to accept her situation and can give her the space and care she needs, you will find her a loving and grateful companion. She is very affectionate and friendly with people, with a little coaxing she will come out of hiding and shower you with kitty love (I would love to take her myself, but I can't with the three cats I have at home already). Opie would be tremendously happy if she had a home where she felt safer and had her own person. If you are interested in adopting Opie, or know of anyone who would want to take her into their home, please let me know. You can reach me by email at matt (at) monkeyshine (dot) name. Opie lives in Bushwick currently, but can easily make the move anywhere in the NY area, or I would also be happy to bring her up to the Boston area (I'm back and forth these days).

Thank you -


P.S. - I apologize for the lack of softie and crafting content lately, but we are in and out of town. We are in NYC right now. I promise that once I get back to Cambridge and spend some quality time with the sewing machine, I will have a ton of new stuff to share with you all. Right now, there's a sea of WIPs and UFOs lapping away at my conscience. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. I am having a great time with my sister and my hysterically funny little nephew. - Maritza

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Ashley said...

aw, poor Opie. I hope she finds a good home!