09 June 2007

happy parcels - swaps and sales

Now that I have a quiet moment to myself, I can get on here and write about the latest things to arrive at my doorstep. I love picking up the mail and finding all sorts of happy parcels in there - from swaps and stuff that I've bought on etsy. Yesterday, I received this beautiful package from the lovely Cristina:

Inside, there were MOO cards and some gorgeous pillow cases and napkins. Thanks Cristina! It was so thoughtful, and I know I will put these to good use:

Also, I received some buttons that I purchased from ping:


I still cannot get over how fast her packages get here - she mailed this out from Tokyo like two days ago! Super-fast delivery! I love getting mail from ping because her adorable little drawings on the envelope just make my day:

All the details are beautiful. I can't believe she stitched all the buttons onto a postcard. Even the back is so cool and so attractive:


And last but certainly not least, I just got this fabulous wristlet in a swap with the charismatic and extremely talented Ashley:

Can I tell you how much I LOVE this? So much! It is so beautifully made. Thanks, Ashley!

And Bailey even sent Mali some treats. (So sweet! Thank you, Bailey!) Hooray for happy mail!


Ashley said...

That is a good mail day--I'm looking forward to one of those when I get home! The buttons look like candy.

If the wristlet came though a little wrinkly--it looks like it might have; sorry about that!--just give it a zap with the iron: they should steam right out!

diana said...

Wow, what amazing packages!! How sweet of Bailey to add some treats for Mali. I love good mail days. I still haven't received the package from my vintage button swap partner. grrrr.

cristina said...

i'm glad you liked your package. the other loot you got was awesome. i'm gunna check out those links...

Mama Urchin said...

I love good mail.

Sonya said...

Love the mail, always love the happy mail. Add dog biscuits and everyone's happy.