06 June 2007

oh yay!

doll quilt 3 - finished

Just a few minutes ago, while checking bloglines (which hates me and the blog I rode in on, but that's another story altogether), I came across this entry on Craftzine about the doll quilt swap, featuring a photo of one of my doll quilts. YAY! Not to pat myself too hard on the back, but it just made my morning. I am a little surprised that they chose perhaps the wonkiest of the three doll quilts that I made. I didn't do as great a job on the binding as I did with the other two. In fact, I was quite proud of the binding job I did for the other two. This one - not so much. However, I am happy that they chose one of my doll quilts. Thank you Craftzine!


samantha said...

Hey well done - and I don't mind the wonky bits :)

and isn't one of your quilts also on a recent purl bee post?

Ashley said...

I have to admit I squeed(is this the spelling?) for you a little bit when I saw this on Craftzine! Good Job!


Ashley said...

Wonky or not, I love that one the mostest.

Lisa K. said...

Hi, Maritza! You're getting famouser and famouser! I love wonky. and the gray color choice? Love!

Also, squee as a verb is sorely lacking from our lexicon :0D

Sonya said...

More samba time - congrats, congrats - lovely quilts that are yours!

Natalie said...

I love that it's wonky - gives it character. i love all three quilts you did and your work is so inspiring. (I read your blog everyday.) I am glad I could make your morning!