04 June 2007

response to sonya

Jerome - full body

Hey Sonya! How are ya?

I thought I had your email address, but I couldn't find it, so I'll just answer your question on here. First of all, I am so excited to hear that you're in the doll quilt swap. (Yay!) Very cool!

Secondly, you had asked about PlushYou!2007. It is annual softie exhibition put together by some crafters & softie enthusiasts and shop owners in Seattle, WA. Apparently, there is a book that will soon be available about last year's exhibition (I believe it's about last year's exhibition, not sure if it's about the first PlushYou ever). Last year's show featured such talented softie artists as Abby, Dawn, Jess Hutch, and Kristina, plus many more. I believe this year's exhibition will be the third installment. I am super-psyched to be a part of this.

Oh and yes, there is much samba around these parts lately since watching Black Orpheus and deciding once and for all to go to samba class with Matt (at the dance complex where he goes for his capoeira classes). So much fun!

Talk soon!

P.S. - The photo included with this post is not new. I just couldn't bring myself to do a photoless post. I do have some stuff to share, but the light quality here made it hard to get a decent photo today. This gray, rainy, dismal New England weather just has to go. Hope you're doing well!

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Sonya said...

Here I am catching up with blog reading after a short spell o' absence and - it gets me every time - Hey! She's talking to me. Er, writing to me. Thanks so much for the clarification, writ ever so large in its own post!