16 July 2007

and some progress has been made

If it seems that I am not posting much about softie-making these days, it is only because with all the coming and going, I have about 2 dozen or so projects in the works and no finished items to share. Everything has been so slow-going over here. Softies are suspended mid-construction, and new ones started spontaneously, swiftly, and surreptitiously as the inspiration grabs me only to be stuffed, finished, and detailed a week later. How many WIP photos can I show you without boring the pants off of you? You want to see finished pieces, no? Well, finally, I have some finished pieces to show:

Meet the new mini-manti! Meet Manolo:

And last but not least, Matilda:

I had fun with Matilda's wings, making them longer that the regular mini-mantis' wings and pleating the middle for shaping:

Matilda the mini-mantis

The three new mini-manti are now up at my etsy shop. I also added a few new pocket squirrels. As you can see in the first photo, there are quite a few more softies in the works, just waiting for the details. Those will be added to the shop over the course of the week. I am also finishing up a series of the garden variety partiers, which will also go up shortly (although I cannot promise that those will be finished this week). Thanks for checking it out, and please stay tuned for more softies and a few surprises.

My color week posting for "monday - yellows" will be up later this evening.


minecreations said...

these look great! i'm constantly amazed at how productive you are, despite thinking that you're not. i wish i was as productive as you (i think it's that whole day job thing getting in the way, hmmm). awesome work!

Di said...

These are great! They mde me smile - all the more so because I know people called Matteo and Matilda and the thought of them as crickets - well it made me smile big time! Thank you!!

Ashley said...

Oh, I'm so with you--a million things cut and ready to sew, but very few things actually finished! Your new manti are adorable.

Lisa K. said...

Maritza, you are a wonder. I am, as always, in awe of your fabrics and architecture. They make me so happy.