14 July 2007

color week - saturday - reds


folded poster as card

red ivy

I have noticed that I don't use red much in my work. I use it as an accent and not much else. It's a color I love, but it's almost as if I were afraid to work with it, as if I felt the color would overwhelm me or whatever project was at hand. Even when I painted, I used red sparingly. In fact, when I think about it, I don't think I own any red clothing, not even a pair of red socks. Strange, being as I have nothing against the color. Perhaps that says something about me and how I don't like to shake things up. I know I once loved red. I had red shoes that I adored, and when I was 17, my hair was bright, screaming red, like fire engine red, like Raggedy Ann red.

I think for me, red is one of those colors that works best when paired with another color. On its own, it feels like too much. I love red when it's paired with teals or aquas or pale blues. I adore red on white. And red and black? Ooh la la! I love a pale frothy sea green with candy apple red type on it. Perhaps someday, I will come to embrace red again for its fiery potential....

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Haley said...

i've been on vacation and just caught up on your blog. i really enjoyed your lovely photos for color week. very nice. you have a good eye. it shows in your photos and in your fabric choices. just a thought--maybe you don't like red because it reminds you of your awful sunburn. hope you've healed.