17 July 2007

color week - tuesday - blues & turquoise

blue bowls & ice cream

blue chair & laundry bag

Color week has come full-circle here. It was a lot of fun to participate in this, and I thank Andrea at hula seventy for starting it. It's funny, but I've come to a few probably obvious (although not to me) realizations about color in my life. I have noticed that I love to surround myself with greens and blues, but I am not sure if I can find a purple item in my home. Reds, orange, and yellows are used as accents but never as the main color of any item (except for a set of red and black bedsheets). And for some reason, there are tons of splashes of pink here and there, although I never really think of pink as a color I am particularly fond of (guess I am drawn to it afterall). I'd love to do this again some time soon. Maybe I'll do random color posts from time to time here.

For now, I've got a doll quilt that is awaiting its binding, and believe it or not, I love binding quilts. I love the physical act of doing the binding, and I love the finality of that stage of the process. It makes me do a happy dance and sing a little song while I do it. Photos to come tomorrow.

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Haley said...

wow. i missed a few days and i missed a lot. love all your lovely color photos, but the blue one with the gorgeous chair is one of my favorites. your softies, as always, are adorable and unique. love your great eye for fabric combinations and your individual style. the mini manti are adorable. as always, enjoyed your posts.