20 July 2007

eye candy friday - the jackalope edition

Earl - seated

"Many things in this life
ain't what they appear.
Yeah I look like a hare,
but if you stop and you stare
I'm more like a deer."
- Steve Earle & the Supersuckers
Meet Earl. He is one of the latest additions to the shop and also my first Jackalope, which I have only been meaning to make for months now. (Actually, it's been more like a year. Ever since I saw that bizarre "real" Jackalope at some road side souvenir stand/ fireworks store/ convenience store that Matt and I stopped at somewhere in Virginia to get some water when we on our road trip to Atlanta. I was kinda blown away by the very idea. For reals, who the heck thought it would be a great idea to graft some horns onto a rabbit, stuff it, and try to convince people that this was a real creature that they went out and hunted? Seriously, what were they drinking?)


I loved sewing the little antelope horns for Earl. Attaching them was a different story, however. I do wish I had drawn the pattern out on paper first only because I love the way they came out and would like to replicate that with the next Jackalope. (Or maybe this is a just one shot softie - we'll see.)

Also, added to the shop today were a trio of pocket squirrels and these two Zakka inspired pin cushions:

zakka inspired pin cushion (with tree print)

Can I tell you how much I like these little pin cushions? Sure, they're nothing revolutionary, but they're cute and make my sewing table pretty. Isn't that what Zakka is all about? I have several more of these cut and waiting to be sewn, which is one of things I am working on today. I am hoping to have about a dozen more in the shop by Monday.

Happy Friday folks!


knittingphilistine said...

HOLY crap! Earl is awesome!! I only WISH I had the $ right now to snatch him up! But alas... I am uber-poor... hopefully I can talk you into a commission one some day. I did succumb to one of your awesome pin cushions... and I desperately needed one.

Gorgeous, wonderful work as usual!

Barbara said...

Love the softie! He looks like he could take lots of hugs :)

Ashley said...

I love him even more now that I realize he's named after Steve Earle.

Julia said...

He's great! And I love your pincushions...I may have to get one, but I already have bunch. I am, however, planning on starting a pincushion collection one of these days.

What I do love very much: my beloved mini mantis. Thank you so much, he's adorable! He an the zaubermaus get along nicely and kind of tie my whole motley stuffed toy collection together.

Jocelan Thiessen said...

i love your blog i will have to link you!

abbyjane said...

Do you have Good Design in Soft Toys by Rudi D'Sarigny? He describes a technique in there in which you cut a whole in the head pieces where the antlers will be and pre-sew them before turning the whole animal and stuffing. It might make antler attachment easier.