24 July 2007

i heart eggmoney

Oh. My. Goodgod!!!! Look at the doll quilt I got for the Doll Quilt Swap 2:

It is GORGEOUS! And it is by the super-talented eggmoney, whose work I became familiar with when I first heard all the buzz about this amazing little quilt. I secretly crossed my fingers and wished that the Doll Quilt Gods would make her my partner. When I saw her progress photos in the Doll Quilt Swap pool on Flickr, I saw the greens and pinks and thought that maybe, just maybe, her doll quilt might be for me, being as those two colors seem to play a huge role in my life. I'm very drawn to them both individually and combined:

pink and green comforter

Again, I crossed the fingers tight and wished and wished because my goodness, her quilt is a beauty. How lucky did I get? Tremendously so, my friends. When I saw the package awaiting me yesterday was from eggmoney, I did a happy dance right then and there on the sidewalk. I can't even tell you how overjoyed I was when I opened the package. I think somewhere in the Atlantic, dolphins heard my "Squeeeeeeee!" and thought, "Damn, someone needs to settle down over there." I was that ecstatic.

I am the luckiest swap recipient ever - doll quilt by eggmoney

I could not believe how beautiful this is in person. It is even more gorgeous than in the photos, which is saying quite a lot. Eggmoney's handstitching is just phenomenal:

And her binding job is just... wow! It is perfect! It just blows me away:

I am the luckiest swap recipient ever - doll quilt by eggmoney

And look at the cute cards she enclosed with the quilt:

Thank you so much eggmoney! I heart you! Please have a look at her etsy shop. It is chock full of crafty goodness by this skilled and gifted lady.


Steph said...

wow, you lucky girl, it's really beautiful!

Ashley said...

So a successful swap on both ends for you! Yay! I really need to think about hand-quilting; that's just beautiful.

Confections said...

I love the eggmoney doll quilt and yours! My very first completed quilt was a doll quilt I made circa 1998. There is a sweet vintage one in a book called Little Quilts that I want to make with my own twist. You and eggmoney have inspired me to get to it!


Alpaca Granny said...

a truly beautiful work of art

grumperina said...

You are a lucky gal - that quilt is gorgeous!!! I love the bright green that's the main color.

Kristin said...

OOOh, lucky you! I saw that one on Flickr and just love it.

Liz Harvatine said...

Very pretty!
The colors in that big quilt remind me of this vintage quilt that I have. I really love the color combination!

sulu-design said...

Hot damn. That's awesome. The hand-quilting is insane on that. It is a perfect fit for you!

diana said...

Yay! A super-successful swap! What a gorgeous quilt.