11 July 2007

keen on green - the start of a week of color

While in Maine, I was thinking a lot about color. Partly because I was working on my hexagon quilt and playing with different arrangements, and partly because these days, I am playing more with photography and enjoying learning more about it in the process. I take my camera just about everywhere with me lately (except the bayou, of course, a huge resounding "doh!" there on my part). Anyhoo, I was thinking of doing a week of color, like some folks did last year, where every day, I devote a post to a specific color. Then yesterday, I read Susan's post and learned about this. I am so in! Since I am just jumping into this today, I'll start with green and work my way into the blues for next Tuesday.


Also, I have to say I am utterly in love with hula seventy. I adore Andrea's aesthetic, and her photography just blows me away. Her writing is thoughtful and compelling. I was completely drawn into her world of color and photography and beauty and inspiration.

Here's a sneak peek at some projects I am working on now that as sprinkles of serendipity just happen to be green:


platinum blonde said...

i love these soft shades of green! gorgeous!!!

i posted my green here:


Ashley said...

Off to Flickr to favorite, like, all of these.

Mama Urchin said...

I love those deflated guys at the end.