01 July 2007

revisiting childhood haunts

We're back from NY, where I had a great time with my family, specifically with my sister and adorable nephew, with whom I spent Saturday revisiting our favorite childhood summer-time place, Flushing Meadows Park. Now that I'm back in the studio, I'm back to work, trying to get some of what's in my sketchbook onto the worktable and into production before we leave for New Orleans on Friday.

* The last shot was inspired by Susan of sulu-design's gorgeous shot of a "redbird" in the Bronx. Having grown up in Jackson Heights, in Queens, taking the #7 line every day, the "redbirds" have a special little place in my heart.

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sulu-design said...

This post got me teary-eyed. I'm on a bit of an emotional roller coaster right now, admittedly, but these shots are such fabulous glimpses of Queens - it's like I'm homesick for a place I haven't left.