12 July 2007

sometimes a piece of art will move me so...

...that I gasp open-mouthed when I look at it, and I love it so much, that I wish I could look at it every day. It's such a physical reaction. I can almost feel my pupils dilate, and my heart beats a little faster. Such is the case with this gorgeous shadowbox by Lisa Congdon. If anyone wants to get me a belated birthday gift or just a very early Xmas present, pretty please with sugar and sprinkles and the juiciest maraschino cherries on top, get me this.* There are little hearts fluttering about my head like love-struck birdies, that's how much I adore this piece of art.

* The begging is actually just a hyperbole, but you know, if it somehow ends up in my possession, I wouldn't complain. ;) ***hinthintMattnudgenudge***

1 comment:

diana said...

Yeah, I'd be happy with this as a present too :)