17 July 2007

technical difficulties

I would like to take a moment to apologize to anyone who subscribes to this blog through Bloglines. For some reason that is beyond me, Bloglines takes hours (sometimes even up to a day) to update this site. For instance, the other day I hit the "publish post" button for my softie progress post at approximately one in the afternoon; the post didn't show up on Bloglines until after midnight. Today's earlier post hasn't shown up at all. It does this all the time. ALL the time. I'm beginning to think someone over there hates me. Do I have a malicious ex-boyfriend working there or something? ;)

If anyone has any insight as to why this is happening or how to resolve it, I would so appreciate it. In the meanwhile, please do check in for updates from time to time via another blog reader or visit me directly. Thanks for stopping by, guys!

P.S. - The little plastic lamb in the photo above was included in my latest order from Hello Yarn. Isn't it cute? It totally made my day.

P.P.S. - It is now 12:35 AM, and I am still up because I've been working on something for way too long and doing laundry. Let's see what time this post shows up on Bloglines. I know ultimately, it's no big thing; it's not important. It just irks me a little, that's all.


Ashley said...

I think bloglines gets in snits. Sometimes it works like a charm, otherwise it doesn't publish my posts until like 24 hours later. I keep meaning to switch everything over to Newsgator, but I'm lazy.

I wish I'd had you hear last night when I was wrestling with my binding at 1 AM...I was not loving the process then, let me tell you.

Steph said...

Happens to me too!