19 July 2007


Wow! Thanks for all of your kind and encouraging words regarding the doll quilt. You guys have made me smile big time with all of your comments. I definitely think the wrinkling and crinkling gave it a cute antique-y look, and like I said, I had so much fun making it that I totally loved it in the end.

I have no finished projects to show you all today because I am busily putting the finishing touches on a few things that I hope to be able to share with you tomorrow. I am planning to do another shop update then, so please drop by and have a look.

I leave you with a few of my favorite images on Flickr. I am so incredibly inspired by all of the artwork, crafting, and beautiful photography I see on there by so many talented people. This is just a fraction of what I have as my favorites; there are so many more images. In fact I even added a bunch more stuff this morning (which for some reason wasn't coming up on the mosaic). Hope you like these as much as I do:

1. more from the aquarium, 2. doll hammock, 3. Peachy Keen, 4. ::, 5. Happy Chibi Girl Isidore, 6. DollQuiltFront, 7. antique doll head, 8. old crates, 9. shed, 10. three, is the magic number, 11. Vintage Fabric 12, 12. Ms. D and the JF, 13. Aslog & Esme the Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures for SUPERMAGGIE, 14. entrance, 15. buttons, 16. On our powerwalk...love this gate., 17. The Gucc..., 18. What's left of lunch #10, 19. birds of a feather, 20. bunny week in the shop, 21. arrangements, 22. star handles, 23. through a hole in the fence, 24. Flicca7, 25. McConnell the Jack Rabbit, 26. 6/05/07, 27. sprinkle-fied, 28. group, 29. WAWAYAtaotao#1#2#3, 30. jackalope, 31. ooooh.....spoooooky!, 32. cashmere mushrooms, 33. doll quilt, 34. Untitled, 35. Project Spectrum Ferris Wheel, 36. in the bath

And what are some of your Flickr favorites?


Ashley said...

Aw--I have that little jackalope too--I love him so much.

Ashley said...

Oooh--and I had a bunch of pictures in my favorites not show up either last time I did a mosaic. What's up with that?

sulu-design said...

Whoa! A girl steps away from her computer for a week and comes back to find such goodness in her Bloglines account! Since I've been away, the issue with late Bloglines notification hasn't affected me one bit. I'm just drooling now over your INSANELY gorgeous week of color and your doll quilt. I mean, sheesh, I'm seriously bowled over. Your posts totally made my day.

isabel f. said...

hello to you.
your favorites are great.
see my favorites in my little flickr.
I have the same problem as Ashley!!
see me

lookwhaticando said...

Wow!!!! Thanks for putting some of my photos in your favs. I love that mosaic and your doll quilts. You are such a wonderful and inspiring person. xoxoxo

Emily said...

Oh my goodness! I just saw this for the first time. I'm honored to be a part.