21 July 2007

that kind of day

I got up late, made granola, had it for brunch with Matt, sprinkled it with the juicy raspberries I got on sale last night at Shaw's, sprinkled pure vanilla over that, made tea to make Arnold Palmers with later. I'm making pin cushions while doing laundry, hoping to detail a few more softies later for Monday's shop update. It's that kind of day, and I love it. It more than makes up for the fact that our trip was canceled at the last minute because we both dropped the ball on securing someone to feed the cats. Dang cats. Who am I kidding? We adore them. Look at those paws:

Those were the inspiration for these.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.


diana said...

ahh, what a nice day! I'm loving those pincushions!

cristina said...

i know what you mean...these days are just so neccessary sometimes.