12 August 2007

the brutal truth

I love knitting. So much that I have 6 pairs of socks currently in the works - the three you see pictured above, one finished Pomatomus, one Pomatomus at the heel, and one finished twin rib sock. Yeah, I'm an ADD knitter. Sometimes, I start on a new sock because I forgot I had another one already in the works. Doh! Here's the thing, however, because there's always a thing.... As much as I love to knit, and as much as I adore the yarns I have lovingly collected as part of my stash, I am not knitting fast enough to justify having such a large stash. In fact, I feel bad that I have not gotten around to using some of these lovely yarns. There are some other yarns in the stash that I have to finally admit to myself that I am probably never going to knit with because I am not crazy enough about the colorway or the texture of the yarn itself. Therefore, I am having a massive de-stash tomorrow. I've been mulling this over for some time, and I feel that I have to do it. These yarns are just sitting in large, sealed plastic bags waiting around for me to get to them, and because of a surplus of other projects, namely quilting and softie-making, I am just not getting around to appreciating them as I should. You might appreciate them, however, or know of someone else who might appreciate them. I have reached a point where I would rather see these yarns put to good use than have them waiting around for me forever. So please spread the word and drop by tomorrow after noon for le grande de-stash.

Also, please bear in mind, I am mainly a sock-knitter, so most of what is available will be sock yarn - NICE sock yarn, like Fleece Artist, BMFA Socks That Rock, Hello Yarn, Koigu. I used to knit a lot when I commuted to work, but things have changed. I sit down to knit maybe once a week now, as opposed to every day. I would love to make the time for it, but there are so many other things on my plate. Besides, there are nights when after sewing and stuffing all day, my fingers ache. The last thing I want to do is aggravate my wrists and my fingers and knit. I am not planning to give up knitting, and I do miss it. I am not giving up the whole stash. I will continue to chip away slowly at my remaining stash. I will make more socks for the winter. Right now, however, knitting is not a huge priority for me. I almost feel as if I should apologize to you all for it, which is strange. I am just being honest about how I feel about knitting, a hobby I still very much enjoy. It's not like I'm saying I like to eat babies or bathe in the blood of virgins. But I still feel bad about it somehow. Anyway, yeah, I'm sorry. Please drop by tomorrow for the de-stash. I guarantee I will have something you will love.


Mama Urchin said...

I destashed a little bit a while ago so now I have room fo rmore - perfect timing :-)

Haley said...

i'm not a sock knitter, but i will definitely check it out. so sad that i missed your etsy update yesterday. maybe next time! don't feel guilty. you're just prioritizing. we can never do it all. thanks for sharing your lovely yarn with us.