11 August 2007

hooray for hand-sewing!

For all the wonderful reasons Hillary has listed (have you checked out her fabulous new pattern-cards yet?) and because it has afforded me the opportunity to spend a gorgeous day like today working outdoors. As Hillary said, it's fun and it's portable, not to mention highly relaxing. What else could one ask for in a project?

bugs in progress

I have to admit, I've grown quite enamored with the little rose-colored bug (which at this point has little arms and wings attached). Usually, when I make a softie, the thrill is in the process, and I have no problem parting with it because I know when I am making it that it's not for me. It's meant for someone else to enjoy. It's rare for me to not want to give a softie up, and I think this might be one of those rare instances where I may just have to keep this one. It will serve as a sample piece, if anything. The rest of these little guys will be up for sale at the upcoming Open Studio. In other news, the critters and mini-manti are coming along much slower than I thought they would. I will spare you the numbers (or lack thereof) and all that nonsense, but at least I can say that at this point there are a few more awaiting details than just the ones in this photo:


William said...

So cute!

Ashley said...

Aw, look at them just patiently hanging out there, waiting for their detailing. You're a stronger woman than I---I would want to keep every last one of them!

sarah said...

I'm blaming it on the heat. I have so much that needs to get done, but its atrocious here. We're going to see Stardust, instead. Because I like to steal air conditioning!

Hillary said...

yes! hooray! love those little bugs. their great big eyes are so good.

and I've been meaning to ask you, if you don't mind sharing, where'd you get that awesome wood grain fabric? I covet :)

JulieFrick said...

OK, upcoming open studio is something we can't go to unless we live near you, right? Sigh. As I said on Flickr, I would do some seriously embarrassing things to get my hands on one of those little bugs, even the in-progress ones!

Kristin said...

I was wondering...have you ever made an owl? I think an owl would be amazing.

You are so, so talented. I weep with envy.