23 August 2007


Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have to do my own thing and not conform to whatever aesthetic, style, or theme is the prevalent one - to just keep doing my thing, translating my vision, playing with color, and creating something that will hopefully speak to someone. Sometimes that is easier said than done. It's hard to keep my focus and not feel bad about the fact that I don't want to make doughnuts with happy faces on them despite the tastemakers' adoration of this subject (and yes, there are some fantastic softie-makers who make some super-cute smiley-faced pastry-treats, but the subject is just not for me). It's not always easy to say, "Hey, this is what I am going to do, even though it's not what everyone else is doing nor is it necessarily the stuff that lands you in books and exhibitions because the cruel truth is that it just doesn't appeal to everyone." It's tricky to try and make something that will appeal to others but still maintain your identity and develop your own style. Anyway, it is especially wonderful when someones gets it, appreciates it, or just tells you they like what you're doing. This little piece made my morning. Thank you Elisa for the kind and thoughtful little article.

By the way, you know when I said the other day that I would update the shop by the end of the week and shot for Thursday? Well, it looks like I overestimated my abilities. I am hoping I will be able to update tomorrow, as I am still stuffing and seaming bugs and attaching wings and antennae. You'd think I'd be able to bang these out, but there are 14 of them altogether - it's A LOT of parts to stuff, and stuffing is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive part of all this. I swear I wish I had some sort of magic stuffing apparatus because it takes me forever (not to mention the strain it puts on my left elbow for some reason). I should be done with it all - the mini-manti and the photography - by tomorrow. If you are on the soto softies email list, you will receive notification of the update as soon as it happens. Thanks everyone for stopping by!


Julia said...

i completely know what you mean about finding a balance between marketing yourself to what people want to buy and still not straying away from your own aesthetic. people always give me suggestions for what i should make and what people want to buy. i don't want to make cutsey diaper bags though, although i could probably sell a ton of them. but i would dread sitting down at the sewing machine and then what's the point? i think your critters are incredible and i hope you stick to it, because i love your taste! not sure what i've been waiting for to get one for myself (except for right now, when i'm broke). keep it up!

Preita said...

I think your softies are amazing. THey are so creative & so unique that I'm just drooling to get one! (I'm "trying" to wait until after I relocate but it's hard!)

Everyone's astetic is diffrent, the fact is, it's easy to make cute, it's hard to make intresting.

sarah said...

I'm right there with you. I have the same problem. I think your creations are RAD! Keep doing what you are doing, please.

Is that a giant Soto Softie I see under that pile of mini manti? That big guy, way back on the left? Because that makes me squee!

Also, stuffing hint, buy some surgical hemosats. That's what I use. It makes stuffing teenie tiny parts loads easier. It makes turning them easier, too. But make sure you get the surgical grade ones, because the other ones are cheesy.

diana said...

Your work is amazing and I'm so glad it was featured in the article. By the way, remind me to tell you about the stuffing machine and the build-a-bear workshop. It was horrifying.

Haley said...

i love what you do. don't change! your softies are the most incredible i have ever seen. i love their uniqueness! as to the stuffing, i only knit stuffies occassionally, but the stuffing definitely takes way longer than the knitting and seaming.