10 September 2007

and away they go!

I am off to the post office to send these little guys off to Seattle for Plush You! Thanks so much to Kristen and co. for organizing such a fun exhibition and for including my softies in this year's show. I am psyched about being a part of this. Hope these minis are well-received.

Among my three entries is my favorite new softie, a mini Gongylus Gongylodes:




I took some liberties with the design and decided not to give it a little crown/head thingy because I thought it might be too distracting. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. Hope the folks at Schmancy like it, too.


Mama Urchin said...

Your ability to make bugs cute just astounds me.

diana said...

Amazing! Love the new guy!

sulu-design said...

Your little guys are going to rock Plush You! The newest member to the bug family is phenomenal. You just keep getting better and better. Hot damn!

Sonya said...

I love the shot where he's peeking in at an angle - thank you for the preview!

caniche vagabundo said...

strange and beautiful thing!!!