20 September 2007

tidbits and thanks


Thanks to Anne-Marie of Massachusetts Mom for the lovely piece she wrote about my softies. You can check it out here.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a softie lately. I am so happy that you folks are giving these critters good homes.

For anyone who is interested, Zorf will be up on my etsy shop later this evening.

I kinda took it easy the last couple of days, catching up on house-hold crap (seriously, who knew two people could use so many dishes? And all that mail that's piled up? Whaaaaaaaaattt?! Is that all for us???!!!), finishing up the pieces that didn't make it to the Open Studio, working on a surprise (tease tease), and just vegging out in the evenings because my eyes hurt and I'm too tired to do anything but watch Microcosmos (strangely one my feel-good movies) and whatever Netflix has delivered us for the day. Now it's back to work. I will have all the mini-manti and Maggy (seen above, watching over me and plotting) properly photographed and in the shop next week. For now, I am going to finish up what's on my plate and cross my fingers that I can finish it in time so that I can visit my family and celebrate my great-aunt's birthday. She just turned 81 and moved back to NY after living in Florida for the last 30 years. When I asked her what she thought of NY, she casually said, "Oh you know how it is. New York never changes, and that's because it's always changing. I love it here." I wonder if I would be able to say the same myself if I were to move back there in 30 years.

Right now, I love New England and its gorgeous pre-Fall weather. Could it be any more beautiful than it has been the last few days here in Cambridge?

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