05 October 2007

eye-candy friday - the rosie-come-lately edition

Meet Rosie:


Rosie is always, shall we say, "tardy to the party." Here we see Rosie as she joins her friends, Sheila and Seymour:

word up, Rosie!

Rosie: Hey guys! Sorry, I'm late! Alright, let's get this photo shoot going.

Sheila: Rosie, the shoot was yesterday. You missed it by a day.

Rosie: No it wasn't. I have it marked on my calendar. See? It says October 4th.

Seymour: Which was yesterday.


Rosie: Oh... word?

Rosie greets her fellow partiers

That Rosie! Rosie and friends will be available at the shop on Tuesday when I do a (hopefully) major update. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. - I forget who turned me on to the phrase "tardy to the party," but whoever you are - THANK YOU! I so adore that silly expression. I'm never late anymore; I'm always "tardy to the party."


Ashley said...

Oh man, I totally need more poseable softies now. who's Vince supposed to have a conversation with--himself? An apple?

Melissa said...

They are so adorable -- I love them!

jess said...

i want one! but it has to talk.

Ani said...

swoon...i'm gaga for these!

sulu-design said...

Whenever one of my students said, "Oh, word?" to me, I always answered, "Palabra." So, "Palabra, Rosie." She's too darn cute.

diana said...

That Rosie!

rashida said...

haha! your imagination rocks! too cute.

Julia said...

Your photo shoots get cuter and cuter! So expressive, for things with no facial expressions. ;)

Matroskin said...

Your softies are great! I wish I had your talent. I make softies too, but I've only just started.

Aline said...

Oh SO CUUUTE!!!! LOVE them :)

Sonya said...

Love, LOVE little Rosie. You sew the best feet. I always imagine them as being little shoes and that is cute in and of itself - little bug shoes. Beautiful photos, as always.