13 October 2007

people i heart - amy earles

"awesome halloween" by amy earles

Look at what arrived in the mail today! It's an original gouache painting by Amy Earles titled, "Awesome Halloween." I love it. I have been a fan of Amy's work for some time now, having first come across her amazing paper dolls on Flickr. Her work is playful and dark simultaneously, reminiscent of Edward Gorey's work in that manner, and that is a quality that I totally love. How excited was I when I saw this piece up in her etsy shop? Not as excited as when I opened it up yesterday when it arrived; I ran up the stairs in absolute unbridled glee to show Matt this excellent little painting. I can't wait to get it framed. I actually have the perfect frame for it - a simple little black frame with a red rub that was a cast-off from my old job (a frame that was the wrong size for the client, and upon its return to the shop, the boss let me have it when I asked him for it since it was too simple and small to use for a fancy mirror and the size too peculiar to sell as a standard frame). Anyway, if you are not familiar with Amy's work, definitely go check out her blog and her shop. She makes such beautiful things. Below are some goodies she enclosed with her painting:

postcard and moo-card from amy earles

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sulu-design said...

I just stumbled across her etsy shop and I adore what I see, although I think that you picked up one of the best ones yet.