12 October 2007


These guys here want to remind you folks that tonight is the opening of Plush You! So if you're in the Seattle area (or can tele-transport yourself there), definitely check it out. It promises to be a fun night. It opens at 5 PM, and you can start off at Schmancy, 1932 Second Ave, Seattle, WA, and work your way to the other three shops partaking in the event. (My guys will be at Schmancy.)

These three woodchucks will be shipped off to Quiet Hours Toys as soon as their fourth friend joins them. I would like to take a moment to thank Carey once again for including my guys in her shop and for the fabulous write-up on the Quiet Hours Toys blog. Thanks Carey!

Hope you're all having a happy Friday. Here's to a wonderful weekend!


melissa said...

i'm going to plush you tonight! i'll keep an eye out for your little guys. :)

Quiet Hours Toys said...

Any gal who makes plush woodchucks is cool in my book. Thanks for lending your talents (and your softies) to the shop, Maritza! - Carey, Q.H. (Congratulations on Plush You.)

sulu-design said...

Oh, so close yet so far. Congratulations on being included. Your little guys are going to rock Plush You.