09 October 2007


The garden variety partiers are up in my shop now. And so are these two mini-manti:

I just wanted to go over a few things:

1) Over the next few weeks, as I make stuff for the Boston Bazaar Bizarre, I will be making stuff for the shop and updating it on a more regular basis. New softies (and maybe some other items) will be going up on a weekly basis. I am aiming for a weekly update, but the truth is I would like to do more. Right now, let's take it one step at a time and say it will be weekly.

2) As such, I am not going to be able to do commission work at this time. I understand that this is something that some folks are interested in, and I am sorry. Since I will be working hard at updating the shop, there will be a plethora of softies to choose from, and I really hope that you find something that is to your liking. This may just be a temporary thing anyway, until I feel caught up. If you have ordered a commission from me in the last couple of weeks, thank you and fear not. I am working on your order and will have it ready for you soon.

3) Plush You! is coming up in just a couple of days. Yay! There are going to tons of talented toy/softy-makers showcased in the three (yes, three) spaces where the exhibition will take place. If you're in Seattle, please go check it out. I was going to go myself, but I dropped the ball on securing my travel arrangements in time. (DOH!) However, Gongy and two of my mini-manti will be there representin' yo!

4) One of my projects this week is working on a pattern. If you have volunteered to test sew, I will be in touch with you about it early next week. More on this later.

I think that's it for now. I'm sure I'll remember a couple more things I wanted to add as I am drifting off to sleep tonight. C'est la vie! Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely evening!


Alice said...

I can't wait to see all the softies you come up with these next couple of months... I may have to treat myself to some early x-mas presents ;)

ikkinlala said...

Those mini-mantis are so cute!

kelp! said...

Are you still looking for test-sewers? I would be interested in test-stitching for you!

sweetjelly11 said...

wow!!!!! i LOVE your softies!!!!! they are soooo cute!!!!!! i can't wait to see more!!!!!!!!!