08 October 2007

space - i believe in

I love checking out other people's workspaces. I find it so inspiring to see how other people work, create, live, make the beautiful things they do. Here are some of my favorites from Flickr:

1. in daytime, 2. A Place to Sew, 3. studio, 4. bulletin board 1, 5. temporary craft corner, 6. Where the crafting happens

Each space is unique to the individual and clearly reflects that person's vision/aesthetic/style. Notice, I make no mention of whether or not their spaces reflect their psyche because if a work space were to directly reflect one's mental state, then mine would scream, "CrazycrazyCRAZY!!!!" This is what my worktable looked like last week:

Since I stepped away from it for the weekend, it really doesn't look much different today except for the fact that the garden partiers are now finished and neatly placed on a shelf, and in their former spot on the table, there are woodchucks and critters and mini-manti swimming amidst scraps of fabric and spools of thread and bobbins. It is insanity. My primary goal tomorrow is to straighten this mess out because I can't tell if I am coming or going anymore. My secondary goal is to post the finished pieces on my etsy shop and to send the woodchucks on their very merry way to Quiet Hours Toys. For now, hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying your Monday evenings.


Shannon said...

My workspace looks like yours! I love to see what others do with their spaces. I am going to take some time and set up my space in a better manner. Thanks for the inspiration.

miguette said...

If my workspace could talk it would say; "chaos". I wish I had any sense of order but, alas, I have not one drop.