10 October 2007

what's making the day less gray

Hooray! I am no longer sitting on a stump:

what's making the day less gray - I am no longer sitting on a stump

And I have a nice little reupholstery project to look forward to as I plan to swathe this in the Amy Butler fabric as soon as I get the chance. Also, the bedroom is looking better than it has in a long time:

yay - the bedroom is all nice now

I am having fun seaming up the woodchuck legs, an immensely satisfying process for some reason:

what's making the day less gray - seaming woodchuck footsies

And all three of these socks now have partners underway:

what's making the day less gray - all three now have partners underway

I was thinking that perhaps in keeping with the spirit of Socktoberfest, I may have a little contest/game in which people guess which pair I have completed (once I have actually completed a pair), and I give away a skein of some schmancypants sock yarn or another as a prize. Hmmmmmmm.... Perhaps....

The boo-hiss of the day, however, goes to this. WTF, peoples???? Why? Why Bret again? I am so done with this show; I am just totally over it. I really don't care who stays to "rock (his) world." I admit I was looking forward to a new season because a) they were casting in Williamsburg, which means there is a chance (however slim) that someone I know may end up on it, which would be hysterical, and b) I seriously thought they were going to to go with a new guy, specifically Nikki Sixx, who would have made the show a million times more interesting because, well, he's Nikki Sixx. Alas, they chose to go with Bret... again... ew. EW! I'm done with it.

I am now off to the post office to send off yesterday's orders, listening to the Stone Roses and loving the misty afternoon. I may actually have something finished to share tomorrow. :)

See you all tomorrow!


Sonya said...

The blue of your bedroom is so lovely - so calming.

sulu-design said...

I'm gaa-gaa over this post! The rich color in your photos always astounds me, and the shot of your bedroom is just beautiful.

Stella said...

I know what you mean about this time of year. I'm doing a fair bit of spiffing-up and cleaning out myself, these days.

Ooh, and I have that same quilt cover! Love it.

Haley said...

i love the colors in your bedroom. so vibrant and lovely together. very nice!