15 October 2007


This happy little troop of woodchucks will be off to Quiet Hours Toys tomorrow, where they will sing songs around a campfire as they toast marshmallows and make S'mores. Oh, and they will also be available for sale. :)

Thanks for all your encouraging comments about Freddy. I am planning a shop update for the end of the week, maybe Thursday or Friday. I'm not sure yet, as clearly the update is contingent on how much I get done in the next couple of days. Although Freddy is not for sale, I am planning on including a few bats and maybe a critter or two. Also, as soon as I get my hands on some more brown felt, I am making more bats, so there will be more of these little guys between now and Halloween. Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween? It's my second favorite holiday (Valentine's Day being tops on my list). I am feeling particularly inspired this year; I hope to spend the rest of my week working on new designs just for Halloween.


Greeley said...

ooh, I definitely want to buy a bat. My birthday is Halloween (and my fav-o holiday). you are so clever, I can hardly stand it.

Ashley said...

New header! Fantastic. And the Halloween critters--a tarantula, perhaps? A black cat? A newt? A rat? So much potential.

Corinne said...

Yes, they are so cute ! I really love thoses critters !

Barbara Prime said...

Freddie really is super adorable.

I was planning to make something to submit to the Holiday Softie Awards, but I'm completely uninspired, and running out of time.

One Crabapple said...

The Woodchucks here really made me chuckle and the thought of seeing them 'round the campfire doing s'mores -- that made me laugh right here at work, aloud.

I came by to tell you I had seen Freddy The Bat and was CRAZY for him - like everyone else ! he is The Best ! What a wonderful way you have of creating these personalities. I see so many other wonders here !!!

Love, S