30 November 2007

am i really too tired to come up with a title?

Apparently, yes, I am. Wow, the creative juices must be sapped. Hope not! Anyway, Thanks for all of your input and insight yesterday. I wasn't clear in the post about a couple of things I guess, and I'm sorry about that. For starters, I was referring to non-commissioned works being reserved for customers. Second, I have to apologize to you guys because I never stated my policy regarding reserving items. To be perfectly honest with you, I never thought about it, and I never "had" a policy per se. I am still not totally decided about how I feel about it. I am fine with taking requests for items. For example, if someone wants a bat or a woodchuck and wants to know when I will be posting some, I would be happy to add them to a list and notify them as soon as I finish some. And I am fine with doing commissions, although I am not taking on any more right now due to other commitments. In fact, once the holidays are over, I will be happy to start doing commissions again. Right now, it is not feasible for me to do so without stressing myself out to the gills and possibly run the risk of not meeting someone's holiday time-frame, not to mention my own obligations to my family. I was never clear about people asking me to reserve stuff that they see either in progress or once it's finished on my Flickr or the blog because I was never sure about it myself. People just approached me, and I thought it was fine. I certainly didn't mean to alienate anyone. This is a little scary sometimes because I am really just learning about all of this myself. It really has been less than a year that I have been selling these softies that I make, and I am learning more about this every day. I am a one-person operation here, and I get frustrated with myself when I can't get everything done in one go. Anyway, I am thankful for all of your support, encouragement, and enthusiasm. I am leaving the poll open for a few more days because I am still interested in what you all have to say about it. Thanks for participating!

The shop has been updated for today. There will be another update on Monday. Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo (thank crunchy!!!) so I am stepping away from the computer until Monday. That way I can get more work done. Happy weekend folks!


grumperina said...

That little pink guy in the upper right has all kinds of cuteness all over it.

Mama Urchin said...

I love that pink one too. So cute.