06 November 2007

good to have goals

the stash - partly

Hey Hillary! I think I'll try that, too. I haven't been too consistent with posting lately, so daily posting will be a nice goal to set for myself this month. Still, I can't totally promise anything folks.

I have another goal set up for myself, which is to go through my entire fabric stash, most of which is seen in the photo above, this holiday season without buying a single new fabric. I am waiting for some Kona solids to arrive, and once they do, I'm set. It will be a softie-making extravaganza over here!

Also, I was thinking about this recently, and I want to say, you folks out there in Bloglandia are really wonderful, you know. You really are great! I don't think I have ever had a group of people so supportive and responsive to anything I have ever done. Growing up, most of my friends were really bullies in disguise and made fun of every idea that I had. Nothing I ever did or said was good enough, and I was nothing but a giant joke to them. They were extremely negative, and I let myself be defeated by their negativity. I even began to believe the cruel and unnecessary things they said and did so for years. It took me a long time to shake it off and move on. It took me even longer to discover something that I loved and to stick with it, nurture it, develop it, and turn it into something great. I still have a long way to go, but at least I am in the right direction now. There are still people in my life who respond negatively to the toy-making because it's not a choice they would have made for themselves. They don't understand it so they can't accept it. They are far outnumbered by the likes of you good folks (both "real life" friends and interbloggerly buddies) with your encouragement and support. Your kind words over the last year or so have really helped me to believe in myself and get over my shyness and lack of confidence. So thank you. I wish I could hug you all.

Now that I have completely mushed out on everyone, please check out the Holiday Softie Awards and vote for your favorite softies. There are some great ones in there - lots of fun stuff!


Green Kitchen said...

That's a great looking stash.

Glad you ditched those bullies.

maryse said...

i admire your tenacity and of course your talent.

Ashley said...

What Maryse said! If we're supportive, it's because you're super-talented at making things that make people happy. (She said with a squirrel on her shoulder)

Mama Urchin said...

I cannot believe your self control. That stash isn't that big, and so neat.

Julia said...

these are some great goals. i'm aiming towards the same, although making exceptions for thrifted fabrics. i don't think my stash would last me nearly as long as you! thanks for the inspiration though.

Steph said...

Ohhh, look at that stash! I have an order from Purl Soho coming in today and it's like sitting on coals!!!
I can't wait to see what the softie extravaganza will bring! Looking at your softies made me think a lot about my own sewing and crafting lately. Your craftsmanship is just excellent and is really inspiring me to work harder on improving my own sewing skills. So, thanks :-)

neta said...

Hugs to you too.
I love your creatures very much, and enjoy to read your funny and touching blog.

Ani said...

i can relate on the childhood 'friend' front. keep on, keepin' on. you do wonderful work!