01 November 2007

look ma! no hands!

lil' penguin - Perry

You know what I love about this latest batch of penguins? I sewed them almost entirely on the machine, as opposed to the first batch that I made for the Open Studios in September which were all hand-sewn. It's funny, in fact, because someone had suggested to me (was it grumperina perhaps?) that I sew them by machine since it would be faster and easier. I played the purist and scoffed at the idea, insisting that it was the hand-detailing that made them so special. HAH! When faced with all the pieces I cut for a new batch, I deciding to give it a go on the sewing machine, and I have to say, "Whew! SO much better!" So whoever suggested sticking to the machine, I love you. For reals.

This little guy, Perry the Penguin, will be up in the shop tomorrow after 2PM with a bunch of his friends.


abbyjane said...

And the results are really beautiful. Each method has its own look, but I'm pretty fond of machine sewing - nice strong and perfect stitches every time.

Ashley said...

And still just as adorable. I heart you Perry!