19 November 2007

magic, voodoo, or just plain slapstick

The cards are up in the shop now. Hooray for small victories! Due to the gray and overcast sky, resulting in the most dismal lighting ever in our apartment, I was not able to properly photograph any of the softies I managed to finish today. Therefore, there is no softie update today because, really, I just can't bring myself to post these shots. While Photoshop has been known to perform magic, I don't think it can perform the sort of miracles needed to rescue these shots without resorting to creating total artifice. Bleah.

It just goes with the rest of my day. It's been one of those days where you're pretty sure that the sewing machine is going to burst into flames at any moment given everything else that's happening. That Murphy guy and his cheesy law are at it today and big time. First, I attached the wrong head to the wrong softie for a commission piece no less. It takes me longer to carefully unstitch everything than it did to sew it up in the first place - about twice as long. I get everything unsewn and ironed, looking crisp and fresh again, only to sew the first part inside out. More unstitching and befuddlement at how I could have even made this mistake in the first place (newsflash - I am far from perfect). While the first error had me near tears, the second had me laughing because at this point, this is just plain silly. Ridiculous even. But wait! There's more! Because there's always more.... As I am hand-stitching another softie, the thread rips on me. So once again, I unstitch carefully, rethread the needle and try again. AGAIN the thread snaps, this time as I am about to finish and bury the knot. GAH! Seriously, this happened to me 3 more times. 3. more. times.... It's laughable!

Anyway, I promise you pretty photos and lovable softies and another, more complete shop update tomorrow.

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Artsy Momma said...

I am having the same sort of day! Glad I am not the only one.