03 November 2007


headed for the shop

4 of 12 critters in progress

It may be wet, windy, dreary, and gray today, but I am feeling better and brighter than I have in the last week or so. Part of the reason why is because the shop is stocked, and part of it is because I am knocking out commission upon commission. I went to the post office today with a good bunch of stuff, and I am making some serious headway with that large order. Yay! I feel productive again.

Thanks to all the folks who have placed orders for commission pieces. Most of them are on their ways to you now, and if not, I have been in contact with you about when I will have what for whom next week. By next Friday, I will be done with all your commissions and will be able to shift the focus to the holidays and Bazaar Bizarre. Thanks again for your patience, and I hope you love your finished softies.

On a completely unrelated note, or possibly related as far as my good mood goes, I had the BEST mocha latte at Darwin's today. Seriously - THE best. Maybe it was because of the sense of satisfaction I felt as I walked out of the Post Office with my brother-in-law (who was kind enough to help me carry the packages in the rain), but I have not had a mocha latte this good in a looooooong time. The sparkly-eyed kid who made it certainly knew what he was doing. I so would have had a massive crush on this kid if I were 16. He was absolutely adorable. At 33, however, I am far more impressed by his ability to make the best mocha latte ever. Mmmmmmmmmmm, mocha latte... (And how much fun is it to say "mocha latte?" It is the silliest thing to utter, but oh so good on a blustery day.) Anyway, the point is? Try the mocha latte at Darwin's - it won't disappoint. Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday evening.


Julia said...

Mmm. Now i want a mocha latte. Glad you had such a fabulous day! =D November is a good month.

abbyjane said...

I miss Darwin's. When I was at the Ed. School and on Appian Way every day I would go there all the time for a sandwich and a cookie.

Amy Turn Sharp said...

brill! I love love love these lil guys