23 November 2007

rediscovering joy

Sorry about today's lack of shop update. I know it being Black Friday and all, it was probably imperative for me to update, but last night about midnight, I was detailing critter faces when I got sidetracked by a new idea. Yes, I should have finished the faces first because then I would have had stuff for the shop this morning. However, when an idea strikes me, I need to run with it in order to stay enthusiastic about it and to generate some enthusiasm for the project at hand as well. Because as much as I love detailing critter faces, it can become a little monotonous, especially when you're doing about a dozen at once. These little finger puppets, inspired by the finger puppets I made as a child and by this cute little Japanese design, definitely got me excited about toy-making again. I have about a dozen (maybe more) cut up and ready to sew! They will be up in the shop on Monday - yes, Monday will be my official update and it looks like it's going to be a big one - where they will be sold in sets and individually.

I am taking today off because it is beautiful here, and it has been a long time since Matt, Mali and I went hiking in the Fells. Besides, as guilty as I feel about it, I need a day off and away from the workshop. My left elbow has been cranky, and I think it is high time to rediscover joy, take a nice long walk, and be inspired by nature again. See you all tomorrow. Happy Friday folks!


diana said...

Absolutely adorable! I love these little guys!

craftoholic said...

They are precious! Getting out is a good idea...I've been spending too much time over the sewing machine as well, and it's such a beautiful day today.

lookwhaticando said...