22 November 2007

thankful blissful and about to pass out

Embossed Leaves

That tryptophan is kicking in and fast so I thought I would share this before I pass out. Although I didn't get a chance to finish these last month and meet my one goal for Socktoberfest (which was to finish at least one pair of socks), I did manage to finish these last night, which really makes me happy because A) I had been dying to make a pair of these for the last two years and B) I truly love this combination of yarn and pattern. This particular Koigu colorway gets me all warm and fuzzy; it is just about my favorite shade of green ever. So now it's one down and four more pairs to go! Because every day is Socktoberfest around here.

green socks photo shoot

Specs: Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt
Interweave Knits Winter 2005, pp. 96-98
knit using Koigu KPM in P119 33 and Addi Turbos US size #1 needles (magic loop it, baby!)


Liz Harvatine said...

Beautiful! I love this pattern. It is the only pair of socks I have ever made that can really be worn as socks and not bulky slippers.
Happy Thanksgiving and nice work!!!

Sonya said...

Love them and that is a fantastic color.

craftoholic said...

Beautiful! I love that last shot.

neta said...

Wonderful socks!

kris said...

i agree, every day is sock day! love your embossed leaves; the colour is beautiful. the first time i used koigu was with this pattern - instant love.

happy weekend, maritza!

Brie (Wibit) said...

They are stunning! I love them. Its just a pity you need to put shoes over them!!!

Mintyfresh said...

Beautiful socks! I, too, had always loved that pattern, so I knit one in the single sock swap.

Julia said...

Those are truly beautiful! Koigu has the best colors.